Why a brand new career in real estate after retirement from more than thirty-five years in industry? Well, its never too late to start the next new thing and while it's a huge change from my last career as a tradesman and supervisor, I am challenged and excited to now be in the business of finding the right property for people.
Have you ever wondered, "What will I do when I'm retired?" Well, I can tell you that whatever you do on Saturdays right now is what you will do when you are retired, but only its every day. For the past thirty-nine years we've lived quite happily in the Enniskillen and Sarnia areas and in all that time there can't be more than one year when we didn't have a hands-on home construction or renovation project on the go. So its a natural fit for me to then, in retirement, carry on with that building passion as well as pursuing the business of real estate. Every day I look forward to new friends, new partners and sharing my experience and skills with my clients.