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I've found that a good way to tell a person's true character is to work for them. I can tell you without hesitation that Laurel & Garry Price are two of my favourite people, to work for and to spend time with. Working alongside them is never a dull moment and always uplifting. In fact, they were so inspiring to me that I tried on the real estate sales representative hat myself in 2016, unfortunately to find it did not fit well. And throughout my process of textbooks, exams, juggling multiple jobs and finding that it all was causing me too much anxiety, those two offered me their utmost support and understanding. Real estate isn't just a simple paper-work game; it takes dedication and selflessness, foresight and detailed planning, constant communication and textbook knowledge. When you hire the right Realtor you aren't just getting someone to open up houses for you to peek through and to print off your paperwork, you're getting a dedicated guide who is trained in the many, many rules of real estate and passionate about finding you that right house that fits as closely to your imagination with as little compromise as possible. You're hiring someone who will negotiate their butt off to get you the price for your house that makes it all worth it.
Trust me, I tried it, this isn't a job for the faint of heart.
It's a job for Price & Assocaites Realty.