Here’s something strange for a Realtor to say: we don’t want to sell you a house. What we would like to do is help you buy a house. Big difference. Selling often talks people into buying something whether in their best interests or not. Our goal is to support and educate you through the real estate process as you make one of the biggest and most expensive decisions of a life time. That means we take time to help you understand the process, we listen to what’s important to you and why it’s important. We talk about the pros and cons of every decision with every house we see. It’s exciting, it’s fun, and sometimes it seems stressful . But we promise we will work together, as a team, to find your dream house that will become your dream home. Contact us today and let’s get started finding your next home!


We want to do more than just sell your home. We want to help you make good decisions as you leave one home behind and move on to the next stage of your life. That means educating you about the whole process, providing current market value information so you can make smart decisions, and focusing on all the positives of your current home. Our goal is to help you through the unexpected emotional roller coaster that selling your home can be, while offering all of our professional support and care. If you’re wondering what your home’s potential sale price is give us a call, we’d love to meet and discuss the current market and give you a thorough house assessment.


We have experience with clients relocating from cross-country to cross-province, we are here to provide as much help as we can. Relocating can be a daunting task to tackle but we are prepared from the moment you contact us to prioritize your needs and cater to your time schedule as much as possible. Whether you are looking to find a short/long-term rental, a home to buy, or a house to build, we can help. From schools to family doctors, the best restaurants and coffee shops; we will give you as much information as you need to make the move easier. Give us a call today to get started!


If you are new to the real estate world it can be overwhelming knowing who to go to for services. Our commitment to you is to only refer you to people who we personally use and trust. If we don’t know someone in the field you are looking for, we may offer you names but let you know that we aren’t able to personally endorse their services. As Realtors, we are expected to provide several names so that it doesn’t appear that we favour one business over another. Having said that, we believe that our experience in the field gives us knowledge not always available to the general public.


( We really love Louis Bartosek who is a mortgage broker with Invis Mortgages. He is so responsive to our client’s, even in the evening and on weekends. He works hard to understand each client’s needs so he can provide the best possible scenario for them. His number is 519 466 5131 and email is )

There are several options around financing. You can either deal with a bank, credit union or mortgage broker:

  • Banks: Linda Belan is our first choice for mortgages. Located at The Bank of Montreal in the Northgate Shopping Plaza, Linda is top notch, well experienced and completely upfront with her clients. To contact Linda: (519)-384-9237 or Sandy Brown is another excellent connection at RBC in Sarnia. To contact Sandy: (519)-331-2187 or
  • Credit Unions: Lindsay Ewart at Mainstreet Credit Union has gotten financing for people having trouble elsewhere. A credit union will look more at the situation/people rather than just the numbers. To contact her: (519)-862-5225×4630 or

We always try to match buyers with lenders that we think would work well with in terms of communication and personality. Your own bank is often the best place to start if you have history with them. Please note that with some lenders, if we refer you to them for a mortgage, we may receive referral points or Air Miles. We would never refer you to one of these lenders to get the points, but if it works out that way we appreciate it.


You can choose whichever lawyer you feel most comfortable with or have had good experience with. Our only firsthand experience has been with Francis DeSena, and because of our previous history with Francis we feel very comfortable recommending him for our real estate deals and any other legal work you may need as well. Each lawyer has a different way of doing things. Francis normally sees clients buying or selling a home for an initial visit a few weeks prior to closing, just to lay out what to expect with the process. Then about a week prior to closing, you will return to his office to sign final documents. We also encourage you to update your wills and Continuing Power of Attorney during the selling process. Francis DeSena’s Office: (519) 336-9999


Your home is the biggest investment of a lifetime and you need to plan to protect your asset with sufficient insurance for your needs. You must have your own insurance in place at 12:01 a.m. on day of closing even though you won’t get your keys and ownership until later that day. Your insurance advisor will want to know the square footage of the home (they will need to measure it as Realtors measure square footage differently than insurance companies). They will also want to know how the house is heated, about the wiring and plumbing, roof etc. Insurance costs and coverage can vary widely, so it’s a good idea to get a couple of quotes to ensure you are getting the best deal possible. It’s often a good idea to start with the insurance company who carries your car insurance…they often give a better deal if you have other insurance with them. Insurance continued…

We have had very good results with Beth Hackett Insurance in Wyoming for many of our clients. Here is her contact information:
Phone: (519) 845-3212. Fax: (519) 845-1155 Email:

Please remember that if you have a mortgage on your home you must carry fire insurance at the very minimum. This is a requirement of the mortgage company.