As the Boomer Generation is reaching the retirement years, the decision to stay in the larger family home or to relocate to something smaller becomes a looming question.  Here are some suggestions for things to consider when the time to make the decision arrives:

Firstly, you need to assess your needs:

Physical needs
— Are you still able to manage the yard work and housework?
— Are the stairs becoming difficult to maneuver?
— Are there doctors/specialists/hospitals nearby?
— Are your cognitive skills still solid?
–Is the winter weather getting to you?

Emotional needs:
— Fear of change …. what if I regret my decision?
— Feeling overwhelmed – where do I start?  what do I do with all my things?
— How many years of life do I have left?

Head vs Heart…This is where the real battle lies!


Our logical HEADS are saying … SELL!!
Money for travel
Money for retirement
Money to help the kids
Pay for long term care
No more worries about my property

But our hearts say…
What about all the memories?
What if I regret my decision?
Will it feel like home?
What do I do with all this STUFF that means so much to me?
We’ll look at these questions in more detail ….